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Yoga - Meditation - Mindfulness

for Educators and Advocates

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Because we are

Educators & Advocates...

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 There is a teacher who changes our lives or an advocate who protects us when we are in need. A person who shows us how to find our way in the world, who sees and hears what is happening inside even when we can't articulate it.

For those of us who brave our way into education and advocacy fields, this moment of being truly seen and heard is what we strive to create every day. We persevere in our daily miracles in order to create a more equitable world.


The Open Yoga (OY) Project is here to give back to you, educators and advocates, for all that you do. We aim to provide accessible, safe spaces of creativity, play and restoration for two of the most powerful and underserved groups; advocating for a world where our teachers, social workers, and community service providers have access to holistic health practices. 


The OY Project is rooted in the education system. We provide yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practices to students, staff, parents, social workers and community members involved in the school system. We believe that mindfulness is imperative to creating a cohesive school environment and to sustainable health.

At the core of our work are these questions:


1) How can reconnecting with our bodies enable us to be present as educators and advocates?


2) From a place of presence, how can we learn, communicate, and advocate more effectively? 

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