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Holiday SALE!

Interested in deepening your practice this holiday season? This package is for you!

Are you working on a specific pose? Part of the body? Seeking support in how yoga can be a part of your daily health care or chronic illness? Oftentimes, in group classes, it isn't possible to receive the individualized attention that is needed to develop an authentic practice that works for you.

With this package, you receive:


-3 one hour sessions at $250


-A personalized plan based off of your needs

*including video instruction

-discounts on my homemade yoga props

For combined Yoga + Massage packages

If you are interested in adding massage to one or more of your session-s, you will receive an additional 10% off of the massage sessions. What s Thai Yoga Massage? Here is some information: Check Out Thai Massage 


Private Massage + Yoga  Pricing

  • $120 (60 minutes)

  • $160 (75 minutes)

  • $200 (90 minutes)

  • $225 (105 minutes)

  • $250 (120 minutes) 

Yoga Therapy & 

Massage combination

*Pricing differs per person as sessions are individualized

Sliding Scale Pricing

It's important that, to the best of my ability, healthcare practices are accessible to everyone. Please reach out regarding pricing to learn more about my payment plans and combination payment offers.

Interested? Reach out!

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